Explosive physics!

Experience an explosive blend of CCG & physics-based gameplay!

Build up your deck!

Build unique decks to battle Dr. Frank & his monsters. (Defensive cards Coming Soon!)

Fully destructible environments!

Each level is completely destructible, letting you get your smash on.

Destroy Dr. Frank and his Monsters!

No micro-transactions.

Screenshots of new features added!

Thanks to everyone who has purchased Monsters & Munitions thus far. It’s been great hearing from all of our players, and we hope the suggestions keep coming in!

We’ve listened, and implemented a few new features into the game. This includes an advanced aiming option where you have a visible indicator of your shot’s angle and power, some general tips during loading screens, the ability to minimize the shot selection screen to get a better look at the level before choosing your shot, and the previous shot’s trajectory. You can peep out the latest screenshots by visiting our media page here.

Early Access Pre-Alpha 2 (


GeoMorph System added to support random map generation.

  • Terrain tiles are NOT currently randomly generated but are coming soon.
  • Cities and Landmarks have been added to the campaign map now using GeoMorphs.

Steam Cloud Issues:

  • Steam Cloud support should be working now for profiles, and save games.
  • Steam Cloud quota raised to a more reasonable amount.
  • Preferences remain as a system file.

Game Levels

  • New levels and level cards added: 48, 49, 51, 52, 53, 54, 56, 85, 86, 87
  • Updated levels: 14, 19, 22, 23, 29, 43, 47, 48, 51, 52, 53, 54,55, 56, 61, 62, 64, 65, 67, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 77, 78, 79, 80, 82, 83, 84
  • Level 81: Improved game-play & removed tree that was dying at the start of the level
  • Level card 76 is now Uncommon
  • General level polish
  • Fixed a few potential graphical corruption issues dealing with backgrounds

Gameplay Issues

  • Added collision points to broken column props 74 & 75.
  • Sped up ability to click through the thumbs up / down effect on the level playlist UI.
  • Monster highlight effect should show up more.
  • When hovering over the selected shot card, the card will enlarge to allow easier reading on lower resolution screens.
  • The shot select menu can now be minimized to enable the player to see the level during the shot selection process.
  • Previous shot projectile path is now displayed after firing the first shot in a level.
  • Advanced Aiming toggle in Options shows power and angle info on turret. This feature is off by default, but can be enabled in the menu.

Campaign Map

  • Reconfigured the Campaign World Map UI.
  • Added some help to the Campaign World Map.
  • Campaign calendar added… each move progresses time on the calendar by one day.

General Issues

  • Added chance to draw Super Rare cards
  • Added Hints to level load screen
  • Removed Deck & Rewards buttons from Main Menu (These features remain available in the Campaign Map, but will eventually only be available in towns and cities.

Campaign Mode Calendar

The campaign world now has a calendar. The calendar will be useful for tracking time as it progresses through a campaign game. Each player move is one calendar day (with the player moving up to 5 spaces, currently.)

The calendar consists of the following days of the week:

  • Sunday
  • Moonday
  • Stoneday
  • Seaday
  • Arday
  • Fyrsday
  • Starday

The months in the calendar are as follows: (Note: the 7 day months represent week-long festival months.)

  • Melting(28 days)
  • Blumefest (7 days)
  • Morningrain(28 days)
  • Starising (28 days)
  • Lowshine (28 days)
  • Highsun (7 days)
  • Wanlight (28 days)
  • Starfall (28 days)
  • Reaping (28 days)
  • Vestival (7 days)
  • Harvesting (28 days)
  • Woodstock (28 days)
  • Hearthglau (28 days)
  • The Dire Nights (7 days)
  • Moonshadow (28 days)
  • Snowbite (28 days)

There are also some established holidays, though more holidays could come in the future:

  • New Year’s Day (Sunday, Melting 1)
  • Feast of Flowering (Seaday, Blumefest 4, also known as the Spring Equinox)
  • The Longday (Seaday, Highsun 4, also known as the Summer Solstice)
  • Feast of High Harvest (Seaday, Vestival 4, also known as the Autumnal Equinox)
  • Blanihil’s Eve (Stoneday, The Dire Nights 3, also known as the Winter Solstice, or The Blackest Night)

These festival months and holidays may play a big role as we bring more of the campaign features online, but for now they are merely there for color and to mark the passage of time in a meaningful way.

New Monsters & Munitions Gameplay Videos

4 new game-play videos have been added to our Media section! Go check’em out!

Steam Early Access Initial Launch (

Initial Release as Early Access Game on Steam

 87 Offense Cards Available

 Over 70 Classic Theme Level Cards Available

 Core Game Play is working.

  • Up to 5 Offense Cards drawn with single shot selection.
  • 3 Shots allowed with bonus shots awarded when shots are left over from previous level.
  • Level card and Card Packs are awarded when completing a level.

 Fully Destructable Physics Levels

  • Explosions!
  • Structural collapsing
  • Rope supports
  • Chain Reactions and fuses.
  • Water (Coming Soon)
  • Lighting improvements (Coming Soon)
  • More monsters (Coming Soon)
  • More shell types (Coming Soon)
  • Airstrike (Coming Soon)

 What is inside the Mystery Box?


  • Offense Card Boosting currently costs nothing, eventually will scale to level
  • Money will be earned by finding it in levels (Coming Soon)
  • Unwanted Cards will be sellable (Coming Soon)

 Campaign Mode:

  • Will be variable in size and random (Coming Soon)
  • Will have cities and other landmarks (Coming Soon)
  • New Themes (Coming Soon)
  • Quests (Coming Soon)

Controller Support is currently sporadic:

  • Full Support (Coming Soon)

Steam Support:

  • Cloud Saving
  • Steam Overlay Support
  • Achievements (Coming Soon)

 Supported Platforms:

  • Windows 32-bit OS’s with DirectX 9.0c
  • Mac OSX (Coming Soon)
  • Debian Linux (Coming Soon)

Official Monsters & Munitions trailer



Debut Game for Amazing Atom

Amazing Atom is proud to announce our debut game: Monsters & Munitions!

Monsters & Munitions is a physics-based collectible card game with a fully destructible environment that has you firing devastating shots at your enemies.

Shuffle up your deck, pick your artillery, and face off against the maniacal Dr. Frank and his monster army in Monsters & Munitions. Send Dr. Frank and his monsters back into the dark ages with the help of your trusty tank, blasting a wide array of over 80 different munitions that can be boosted and leveled up for even more monster exploding fun in this explosive physics-based CCG!

Annihilate your foes through a world of destructible environments and structures where monsters surround explosive barrels, volatile lab equipment and other incendiaries just begging to be ignited. As you progress, you can build up your card deck to gain access to new levels and improved weapons that will give you the upper hand in your quest for total monster domination. Monsters & Munitions is just what the evil doctor ordered to satiate your thirst for explosions, destruction, and mayhem against monsters.